Toxicology Knowledge Team

Consultation, web interface programming for bilingual company website and adaptation of content management system. Contact form and Twitter integration. Design provided by client.



Year 2012
Produced by TKT Sweden
My contribution Coding (CSS, JS, PHP)


Creative writing website for Swedish author Linda Karlsson. Installation of content management system and design according to instructions.


Year 2012
Produced by Åsa Rosenberg
My contribution Consultation, Design, Coding

Bitnami wordpress stack running slow on Win 7?

I have been running the bitnami WordPress stack to run WordPress locally for quite some time. I absolutely love it and strongly recommend it for anyone obsessed with WordPress. Download it and a few clicks and you have a stable local development/testing environment up and running. However, on my last installation it was really slow. Took me a while to figure out but it seems Windows 7 has some problems resolving “localhost”. If you have the same issue, check wp-config.php to make sure it’s pointing to instead of localhost.