Using two or more domains on the same WordPress (multisite) installation might be easier than you think

Update 2021 – WordPress mulitisite now has support for multiple domain names out of the box. No extra plugins needed. Just point a domain to the document root of your multisite WordPress-installation, create a new site in the network and change it’s url to your new domain.

A lot of tutorials online make it seem rather difficult to use different domains for different blogs in your WordPress multisite installation. Depending on your server configuration I’m sure there are potential issues but it can be really simple.

1. You need to have 2 or more domains pointed to the same location and this location must be a root folder installation of WordPress multisite.
2. Download and install WordPress MU Domain Mapping plugin. Follow the installation instructions on the plugin page.
3. In the WordPress administration for the blog you want to set a domain for go to Tools/Domain Mapping. Add your (new) domain name and select “Primary domain for this blog”. Save.
4. You’re done!

If you have any problems during the installation it might be because of how your host handles domains. Remember that all domains must point to the same root folder install of WordPress. If you get problems you can always ask at the support forum for WordPress MU Domain Mapping.

Which CMS is your favorite artist using?

Because I am a coder one of the first things I do when I visit a website is to right click and view source. There is a lot of interesting information in there, if you are a code geek. You can see whether the site is running Microsoft or open source software. You can see how much of the site has been coded from scratch. You can see what plugins they are using and how “fresh” the code is. You can also often see what CMS software they are using. Today I was browsing famous artists websites to look at their design and code. This is what I found

Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars, Robbie Williams, Pink and Michael Bublé are all using Drupal. Rhianna, Katy Perry and Linkin Park have WordPress. Linkin Park also use Ning for their community features. I haven’t really heard a lot about Ning lately so that was somewhat surprising. Lady Gaga and Eminem are using a CMS I didn’t even know existed until today. It’s called Microgroove and it’s apparently a CMS built specifically for music/musical artist websites.

The website I found most interesting, code-wise, is Coldplay‘s which seems to have been coded from scratch. It’s not often you see that these days! Nice work Slender Fungus. 🙂