Viewport height and Internet Explorer

So the vh css value is pretty cool. Potentially it should allow us to simplify the process of giving a html element equal-or-higher height as the viewport. From what I’ve read online so far browser support for vh should be fairly wide. Supposedly, it works down to IE9. Now I’ve been testing this with IE9 and unfortunately it does not seem to have full support. height: 100vh works but min-height: 100vh doesn’t. My conclusion thus far is therefore that if you are building a layout with limited height that you want to make the size of the browser window you can use vh. If you however need automatic strollbars it’s not (unless you want to write browser specific css hacks).

I haven’t been able to get vh to work at all in Safari on windows. Haven’t tried it on mac yet. Feel free to let me know in a comment if you have any more info on the status of vh at the moment.